Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still around, and having to repost my first post.

Well damn haven't been around in a LONG time. Kinda busy, but I noticed that the first post I made on here dissappeared, so I'm just gonna write up what I remember it saying. Hopefully it's pretty close. X3 I really won't be online long enough to talk. Just letting everyone know I'm still alive, and get this reposted.

This should be PRETTY close to the original post on here. Don't know why or when it got deleted though...

"So Yeah. My (online) name is Razputine Panzerfaust. For anyOne who might stumble across this and wants to comment you can just call me Raz... or R... or R dawg... okay kidding about that last one, but yeah I don't expect yoU to spell out the wHole nAme each time you want to address me.

I'm probably not going to giVe out where I livE, cause honestly no one needs to know That, but suffice it to say I like the cOllege I'm in, but hate the state.

I'll be pOsting on here if I feel like it, or if soMething interesting happens.

So yeah, aboUt the Comment I was trying to post, wHich led to the creaTion of thIs blog. I've been having soMe weird dreams lately... I mEntioned it because they invOlve forests aNd are kind of... weird. But, Yeah that's abOUt all for Right now.

Hope everyone Had A good thaNksgiving! =3 See ya arounD!


P.S. why am I Still awake... god it's early..."

SoRrRy We'Ve BeEn GoNe So LoNg...

I mIsS oUr FrIeNdS...

I wOnDeR hOw DrAkE iS dOiNg...


Raz/ D