Sunday, January 5, 2014

That code

Okay Bernard and I have obviously had to start moving every so often, but that's okay, it's just like the old days. We've managed to not run into Cavan, or really anyone else for that matter, on our travels, so that's good at least.

We decided, just in case he decides to encode his messages again, to figure out what kind of code Cavan used on the posts he made on our blogs.

It was pretty simple once we sat down and thought about it. Like he points out in his newest post, Cavan did a pretty simple cipher where he used a keyword. In this case, the word around or 'a round' depending on what he meant, but anyway, you line it up with an alphabet and after writing the final letter of the phrase, continue writing the alphabet, leaving out letters you've already used.

like this:

a r o u n d b c e f g h i j k l m p q s t v w x y z
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

the message on our blogs say:

"It just never ends.
once more let us dance ahain.
we cannot let it."

So yeah there's a typo in the message, and I'm fairly certain that he just did that to mess with us, but yeah, just a greeting really.

Glad we were able to figure it out though, I'd rather know what he's posting than just ignore it.

As for the post on his own blog, the keyword was Bernard's name, so Bernard Laguardia, or bernadlgui for the keyword cipher, and the message comes out as:

"This story just never seems to end.
You're trapped in an endless loop of death.
I can free you."

Well fuck you too Cavan.

Anyway I'll try to keep up to date as things happen.


(D is asleep right now... as weird as that is as a concept, and I thought I'd let him get some rest while I make this post.)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the Road Again

We were found.

Bernard, D, and I had been in hiding since his last post and it had really seemed like we were going to be safe, but then this Cavan character showed up and found the hotel we were staying in almost immediately...

So we're on the run again.

For anyone reading who saw his post showing the door to our hotel room, we're fine. It seems he just took the photo and left, because we didn't have any 'visitors' that night. 

We've moved of course and have been in our new location for about two and a half weeks, again it's quiet, but with how quickly he found us before I'm assuming we'll need to move again.

I'm just curious why this is starting again NOW of all times, and why.

I dOn'T lIkE tHiS...

BeRnArD iS oUr FrIeNd, AnD wE aGrEeD tO kEeEp HiM sAfE...

I'lL bReAk CaVaN iF i SeE hIm...

SnAp HiS sPiNe AnD cRuSh HiS rIbS... 

D needs to go calm down. We'll keep an eye out... it's just sad to see that not many of our friends appear to still be out there...


Raz/ D

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Still around, and having to repost my first post.

Well damn haven't been around in a LONG time. Kinda busy, but I noticed that the first post I made on here dissappeared, so I'm just gonna write up what I remember it saying. Hopefully it's pretty close. X3 I really won't be online long enough to talk. Just letting everyone know I'm still alive, and get this reposted.

This should be PRETTY close to the original post on here. Don't know why or when it got deleted though...

"So Yeah. My (online) name is Razputine Panzerfaust. For anyOne who might stumble across this and wants to comment you can just call me Raz... or R... or R dawg... okay kidding about that last one, but yeah I don't expect yoU to spell out the wHole nAme each time you want to address me.

I'm probably not going to giVe out where I livE, cause honestly no one needs to know That, but suffice it to say I like the cOllege I'm in, but hate the state.

I'll be pOsting on here if I feel like it, or if soMething interesting happens.

So yeah, aboUt the Comment I was trying to post, wHich led to the creaTion of thIs blog. I've been having soMe weird dreams lately... I mEntioned it because they invOlve forests aNd are kind of... weird. But, Yeah that's abOUt all for Right now.

Hope everyone Had A good thaNksgiving! =3 See ya arounD!


P.S. why am I Still awake... god it's early..."

SoRrRy We'Ve BeEn GoNe So LoNg...

I mIsS oUr FrIeNdS...

I wOnDeR hOw DrAkE iS dOiNg...


Raz/ D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Still Alive

Just letting you all know that we're still around and still out there. Honestly it's kind of funny, we haven't seen a Proxy or Him for about... oh... a month now. I think we're getting better at hiding our movements. Of course when we post, it's easier for Him to find us, but honestly I'm not that afraid anymore.

Hopefully everyone is staying as strong as they can, and remember to stay safe.

I rEaLlY mIsSeD tAlKiNg To PeOpLe On HeRe...

It'S kInD oF lOnElY rUnNiNg LiKe ThIs...

I wIsH wE hAd SoMeOnE eLsE tO tAlK tO...

Raz / D

Oh god... I just saw that Tikka died... Drake... I'm so sorry... Ecko... keep him safe...

Also... WTF?! Susan is back?! I don't like this... be careful Drake... be VERY careful.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Driving While Under the Influence of Audio Hallucinations.

Just a quick update and describing something that happened today.

We're southward bound again (further south than Drake and Tikka.) and we got to see the storm that came by. Apparently there was a tornado warning, but there's wasn't a tornado where we were.

So anyway, describing what I experienced today.

I was driving along when I suddenly hear something hit the top of my car and I swerve a little on the road and pull over. I then get out and look around, there was nothing. I see a cop car and it pulls up behind me. 'fuck... just great...' I thought. He walks over and says "Now why did you swerve like that and why did you pull over son?" I fucking hate when people call me son... I told him I thought I heard a weird sound from my car, it made me jump and that's why I swerved and I pulled over to see if I could tell what was wrong. "Have you been drinking?" god damn it... no. I told him such. "I want you to go ahead and take a sobriety test." Well I did, passed with flying colors. He let me go, but god damn it these audio hallucinations are annoying...

We SaW a FoReSt ToDaY...

StUpId FoReSt...

It LoOkEd So DaRk...

I bEt It'D lOoK bEtTeR iF iT wErE uP iN fLaMeS...

Raz / D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Seeing Drake...

Everything went pretty smoothly. I have to say though, our meeting place was seriously out of the way. X3 Oh well, it was awesome seeing him and meeting Tikka. =3 They're an adorable couple.

Also, I really can't thank Tikka enough for the amulet. I know what their magic can do, so I REALLY appreciate it.

Hopefully I can stay in contact with them this time. :3

TiKkA wAs VeRy NiCe...

DrAkE wAs AlSo MuCh NiCeR tHaN lAsT tImE...

ThE aMuLeT fEeLs So WeIrD...


LeT uS sEe HiS hOlLoWeD fInD uS nOw...


Raz / D

Edit: Saw that Drake told everyone what our blog was so I'll let you know what his is if you don't know yet. X3 It's "Anonymous here..." So go by and say hi and follow him. He needs as much support as he can get. =3