Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not officially back...

Just letting you all know that we're still out here fighting the good fight. I have to say, D is invaluable. Without him in here with me (For any new readers, D was my hollowed side, which became a whole personality and now we're working together to stay alive), I would have died long ago. Thank you D.

YoU'rE wElCoMe RaZ...

Well we're packing up tomorrow and heading out again. Right now we're back in the midwest again. Drake, if you want to either meet me or get back in contact, shoot me an email, you know it still right? Well just wanted to let you all know we're doing alright, actually we're a lot better since we last posted, now it's just a matter of staying on our toes and making sure to keep moving.

It'S rEaLlY fUn HeArInG tHeIr HeAds CrUnCh...

JuSt A sHaMe HiS HoLlOwEd DoN't BlEeD...

JuSt ThAt IcKy BlAcK sTuFf...

I wOnDeR iF wE aRe FuLl LiKe ThEm...

Raz / D


  1. Nice to see your not dead, Raz.

  2. Hey Raz/D, nice to hear from you.

    I believe I need to bust out my old well wishes, don't I?

    Stay safe, you two.

  3. @Sabrina Thanks. Yeah, I'm glad I'm not dead. X3

    @Sammie Same to you Sammie, sad to see you deleted most of your posts. ):

    Lol same to you Sammie, stay safe, or as safe as any of us can be.

    Raz P.

  4. So great to hear that you're okay. *sends internet hug*

    ~Eternally Anonymous~