Sunday, January 2, 2011

already in Texas.

We made a lot of distance today... Feeling pretty good about that... and yes... by 'we' I mean me and

Me Of CoUrSe...

Yeah... it's weird... we're both in here... but we're not constantly fighting each other... my thoughts just sorta float through his and his through mine... it's kinda


Yes, but stop trying to finish my


Oh, ha ha, very mature. So yeah, as you can see D has become a little childish... which I honestly prefer... So yeah, that's all for today.

Raz / D


  1. Hell, as long as you're alright. Not that having someone climbin' in yo thoughts, snatchin' yo sentences up is a good thing. Have you asked D, what D stands for? Or how D got there?

  2. I wAs ReInStAtEd By HiM...

    To WaTcH rAz...

    BuT i DoN't WaNt HiM hUrT...

    I lIkE rAz...


  3. Glad to hear that you're alright. Stay safe Raz.

    ...What the hell -does- the D stand for? Or is it just picking fun at your blog title?

    And... D isn't gonna be a beacon for TD&T, is he?

  4. Well, if Dreams in Darkness is anything to go by, D could be pretty helpful.

    Good luck.

  5. AcTuAlLy D sTaNdS fOr DoOmEd...

    DiD nOnE oF yOu PaY aTtEnTiOn WhEn I wAs HeRe BeFoRe...

    I mEnTiOnEd ThAt...

    Don't worry guys, we'll keep safe.

    Raz P. /D

  6. Well, I came back to find you stuck with this D guy. >> Thanks, you've really given me reasons to be less paranoid now, Raz.

    Please keep safe, both? of you. Do I address you as just Raz, or in plural, or what?

  7. @Stormecho: I just call him Raz, since, you know, D pisses me off.

    @D: Sorry. I have the memory retention of a goldfish.
    @Raz: Good~

  8. I tHiNk YoU cAn AdDrEsS uS iN pLuRaL...

    He's kind of right, I mean, we're totally different and we have our own thoughts. Don't worry, we're keeping each other safe.

    Raz P. / D

  9. Cool, nice to meet you C.A. Weird that I don't see you up above. Are you following anonymously?

    Raz P.