Thursday, January 20, 2011

At Drake/Anon's...

I arrived around 1:10, couldn't find the house right away, heh. Well, I parked outside and as I got out and started walking towards the front door, I saw someone standing on the porch. When I got there I realized it was a little girl, I tapped her shoulder and she jumped a little and looked over at me.

It was Drake's little sister Susan. She didn't know how she got there and she was holding a doll. Apparently Drake is uploading a picture of it, so go to his blog if you want to see it. It looks like Him, but without clothes, like the most basic you could make Him look.

Drake was very upset and I can hear him crying a little while he types... He's very worried about his sister...

I believe that together we can fight Him, D has even completely jumped on the band wagon, as much as he can.

I cAn'T hUrT hIm, BuT i WiLl KeEp RaZ fUlLy InFoRmEd On HiS iNtEnTiOnS...

I wAnT RaZ aNd DrAkE tO wIn...

AnD i DoN't WaNt SuSaN tO gEt HuRt...

That's all for tonight. We'll post tomorrow. I'm going to go have a cup of coffee in Drake's kitchen and talk with him for awhile. Have a goodnight everyone.

Raz / D


  1. Glad to hear you two are doing well.

    I'm doing a summary post for you guys after school. Anyone(any blog/vlog that is) you want me to specifically mention?

  2. No, I'm fine. I'm sure whatever you cover for Drake will be enough.

    Raz P.