Saturday, January 15, 2011

Him again...

Well... didn't really see Him... but we've seen a lot of slender proxies running around... fucking bastards... 

oh! Sidenote: D is REALLY strong. We got into a fist fight with a proxy and D took control for a bit and managed to snap the proxy's upper arm bone (don't know what it's called) in half. He knocked the proxy to the ground and grabbed his arm, placing our leg on the proxies upper arm and managed to pull up so hard on the proxies elbow that instead of dislocating any part of the arm, he just snapped the bone in half. It was brutal and so... satisfying...

He BrOkE lIkE a TwIg...

TwIgGy TwIg...

FrAiL lItTlE tHiNg...

I... I have to admit... I enjoyed it... that proxy fucking deserved it... and... it felt so good to just break his arm like that... even if technically I wasn't doing it.

We're in Idaho... planning on moving down to Nevada, maybe swing by Las Vegas... never been there before...

Raz / D


  1. *hugs* I'm glad to hear you're okay.

    *shudders at mental image* That's one of the hardest bones in the body to break Raz. *Only knows that because my stepmom had to get thrown off of a horse and the doctors were shocked that was what she broke* You know, you'd think I'd remember the bone's name after hearing it ten million times.

    Sorry for the long comment. It's late where I am and I've been worried about you and D.

  2. *hugs back* Thanks. It's good to know that there's someone out there who cares. X3

    Yeah... I know... It's interesting... being as powerful as I am... I mean... I have my mental powers... and now D... he's just so strong... and yet... I still don't think that if I were to meet Him... that I'd be able to do anything... I might be able to stun him for a second... but then he'd just destroy me if he really wanted me dead...

    It's totally fine Kiki. I'm just really happy to hear from you everytime I make a new post.

    Raz P.

  3. You were gone for a week and you were my second follower. ANd you always act like you care about me. Yeah, I frigging WORRIED!

    I think if all the runners worked together for once under one or two good leaders, his ass would be kicked. I don't believe he can't be beaten. that's bull. What's the quote on Scot's blog? "Fairytales were created not to teach us dragons are real, but to teach us dragons can be beaten?" Maybe it's the same concept here?

    xD Thanks Raz, I'm glad to know I make a difference. (If you're gonna bother catching up on my blog, by the way, you have a lot of readin to do XP)

  4. You're probably right... I don't know... I think most of the people out there who get together in a group seem to get into more trouble than those who are alone, so it'd be hard to convince everyone to come together for one big battle... I don't know... I'd definitely be up for it. =3

    Oh god hun... I know I have a lot of reading to do... I might only post on your newest post though, but know that I went back and read the other posts. K? X3

    Raz P.

  5. Well, it seems to be the only thing that hasn't been tried. Everyone figuring out something that works, and going for it.I don't see if everyone is so willing to fight it by themselves, why a larger group wouldn't work. It's not like there's over 40 people involved or anything :/ (And that's only the familiar cases).

    Hey, I understand. That's usually what I do if I missed a bit(not that I have enough of a life to be gone for more than a day but w/e xD).

  6. wowyoutwoareviolentitseems...wellthatisgoodforfightingwhateverthisthingis.ithinkyoutwowilldogreatthings.



  7. heh. Nice to meet you knight. Yeah... I've been feeling more violent recently... it's the effect of having this new power abruptly... it's weird... mmm... well nice meeting you.

    Raz P.