Sunday, November 28, 2010

My dreams...

Hi everyone. I've decided I want to talk about the dreams I've been having lately. At least in a little more detail.

I always wake up, lying face up on the leave carpeted ground. All around me are impossibly tall, thin, dark trees. In the dreams it's never dark there, per se... just...grey. I stand up and look around, seeing absolutely no one around me. In all directions the trees stretch out, disappearing into a grey fog. Solitude is something I've always longed for, but even so, this starts to be unsettling after a while. Then... in the distance I see something. I can barely make out its shape. It's tall and thin like the trees... I know what it is... but I want to deny that it could possibly be there... how could it be... it's just a meme from the internet... right? Even so it stands there, unmoving, as though it, along with the rest of the forest around it, is frozen in time, like a snapshot from a camera. I feel my heart begin to race, my hands becoming clammy. I can barely breath, it's sightless gaze transfixed on me and mine on it.

That's always when I wake up. I usually have a cold sweat and am breathing very heavily. The dreams have been so real recently... it's truly unsettling...

But yeah... if someone sees this could you give me any advice on how to stop a reoccurring dream? Any help is appreciated.


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