Saturday, December 4, 2010


I was just attacked. It was two husks. Fucking creepy bastards... I woke up when I heard the door to the bedroom hitting the wardrobe. I decided to face whoever it was instead of trying to hide, since He doesn't need to use doors, so it wouldn't be Him.

I pushed the wardrobe to the side the flung the door open, there were two husks standing there with their creepy masks on. One of them was holding a knife and came at me. I focused on him and imaged a knife sinking into his skull. He screamed in agony and collapsed on the ground, dropping the knife. I then grabbed the knife and pointed it at the other husk. I told that one to leave and take it's friend with it. It slowly reached down and grabbed the wrist of the other husk who sounded like he was crying. The standing husk dragged it's friend out of there and closed the door behind it.


So yeah, I'm fine. I just saw the post that showed up. Thanks for translating, once again, Anonymous, even though I didn't get it in time to be totally prepared. I'm going back to sleep after putting the wardrobe back. Hopefully I can sleep the rest of the night. See everyone tomorrow!



  1. See, I told you the powers would be useful when you needed them, even if I was hoping you WOULDN'T need them. Very brave of you to face them though. :3 Stay safe, pleasant dreams!

  2. What an interesting story. How much of it is true?

    If you did fend off two assailants, bravo! I do hope you called upon the proper authorities to deal with them after the fact.

  3. Heh, now all you need is a mask and a cape and you can be our Hero.

  4. @Kiki Yup, you were right. =3 I was able to get a few more hours of sleep after the last comment I posted around 3 something.

    @x All of it, believe me. I knew I didn't have anywhere to run, and that He wouldn't use a door so I would probably be able to fight whoever it was. The proper authorities? You think if I called the cops the husks would stay around long enough to be arrested? I'd just end up sounding crazy infront of the cops as I spout out my crazy story of being attacked by two masked people. I guarantee you no one else heard anything. That's just how things go. I mean, no one else called the cops, or even decided to investigate the sounds.

    @Sabrina Heh... yeah... I don't think I'm going to get anywhere near a mask if I can avoid it. I feel like it would be a bad idea to get a mask and wear it. I mean... I don't want to risk being hollowed. =) Besides, I don't know if my powers would work against Him... and I honestly doubt they would... I mean... He's so fucking powerful, how is one person with some mental powers going to hurt Him?

    But yeah... thanks for the comments everyone.

    Heading out,
    Raz P.