Monday, December 27, 2010

More about the priest...

He's actually a runner. He decided that he could trust me and that I'm not hollowed... at least for now... and let me know some of his history.

He's been running for around three years now and has only recently come to this town. When he arrived he got a job in the church. Before he started running he was a priest, and when he had been working at the church for a few weeks they actually allowed him to become the active priest of their church. He thinks that He has probably forgotten about him and decided to spend his time going after more important people, but with my arrival he's pretty sure that we'll need to leave.

Yeah... kinda sucks that I'm the reason he's going to have to leave this life behind... but whatever...

Can still here Him... he's getting louder... talking more...



  1. Raz... If you've read the Tutorial, no groups bigger than three, okay?(I have probably said this before, and I'm probably annoyingly redundant at this point, but I'm trying to be helpful...)

    And the Priest being a runner explains why he was so kind to you from the begging. Takes one to know one, right?

    Sucks that he's getting louder again. Definitely a sign that at least you should move, Raz.

    Good luck, stay safe!

  2. Yeah, no time to make an official post, cause we're leaving in a few minutes.

    You're right, don't worry, I won't let our group get too big. Tom and I agreed that we won't try to get anymore people with us, cause it'd be too hard to run away fast enough to stay away from Him.

    Yeah no kidding.

    yeah... I'm guessing it's kind of like the doppler effect, as he gets closer it'll get louder.

    Thanks, you too!

    Raz P.

  3. I completely understand.

    Okay, just making sure. I want to be helpful :/

    Well, at least you have an effective alarm system?

    I'll try...