Thursday, December 9, 2010

stay away from Rachel...

Or I will kill every last one of your followers Slender Bitch. I'm not fucking bluffing... If any harm comes to her... you will all die...

She seems to be feeling ill, like she got whatever it was from me... but I'm worried... that maybe she's being hollowed... and that this is just the beginning of it...



  1. God damn it! I think she'll be okay. Sure in fact.

    You shouldn't stay with friends.

  2. I know I shouldn't... but... I can't be alone anymore... and I can keep her safe... I have power... I was able to hold him back before... he won't get her...

  3. Heheh. Yes well. Stay safe. Both of you.

  4. Oh gosh Raz. Keep the both of you safe. You should probably either leave her or run with her if it turns out she can see you-know-who. Good luck!