Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rachel and something else...

We finished the pasta and are watching TV right now. It's weird doing something so normal after all that's happened to me... It's nice.

She's asleep right now so she won't be seeing this probably, but I just have to say; she's really pretty... I'm just so happy that she allowed me to stay here with all that's been going on...

Fucking audio hallucinations... I can hear them even over the damn TV... god... I need to get more of my medication soon... Right now it sounds like someone is at the window to the right of the TV. I'm looking at it right now and it's empty... no one... not even one of His husks... fucking hallucinations... Earlier while we were eating I thought I could hear very faint screaming coming from upstairs, like someone was trapped in the attic, but no other noises were accompanying it... no banging... no thumping around... nothing... just screaming... If I could be rid of these hallucinations I would in a second...



  1. I hope you can get more of your meds soon. That must suck.

    I think i may have had audio hallucinations before, although not as commonly as you do.

  2. Thanks, yeah it kinda does. Quick update on my hallucinations. Now I can hear something being dragged across the floor above me, like a body... or... something soft but heavy like that...

    Heh yeah. Insanity runs in my family, that's why it's so bad for me... I've gotten mostly used to them... but yeah, they're pretty disturbing at times...

    Though now Rachel and I are cuddling and watching a movie, and she's fallen asleep again, so I'm feeling pretty happy right now, despite the stupid hallucinations.

  3. Oooh. That sounds lovely to listen too. *sarcasm*

    I'm pretty sure it runs in mine too, only it isn't diagnosed >.> It's a sucky thing to have to get used to, I'm sure.

    Awwww ;3 Well, enjoy the rest of your night. Stay safe!