Monday, December 27, 2010

Several hours and a few hundred miles away...

And now we're taking a break. We've been heading west and south. He says he knows someone in Oklahoma. (Hey maybe we could even stop by Anonymous's place for a bit, say hi, and be on our way. X3 )

No sign of Him, and His voice has been getting quieter... good sign. The place we're staying at tonight is a cute little bed and breakfast, apparently Tom already knows the owners. They seem like a nice couple. (They're in their late sixties I think.)

... Yeah... Sorta been not mentioning this... but the audio hallucinations have been going on this entire time... and god they're weird... While we were driving a long I could have sworn I could hear something in the trunk. I even convinced him to pull over and when I checked, it was empty... They're really bad right now... Like I'm just sitting in bed and I can hear claws dragging against the bottom of my bed... and breathing... really heavy breathing...



  1. Nice way to just invite yourself over, Raz xD

    I'm glad he is getting quieter for you. That's always good.

    And that sounds like oodles of fun. Good luck with that, Raz.

    Good luck, stay safe, and pass my well wishes along to Tom as well!

  2. Well it was just an idea! *gets defensive*

    yeah. It's nice not hearing him quite as clearly.

    will do (pass on well wishes)

    Raz P.

  3. Anonymous here...

    Lol, it's fine Raz. I'm sure you guys can come by. Just send me an email at and I'll look for it. when I get it I'll just send you my address. That way you guys can come by. X )

  4. Oh are you going to be staying at my big brother's place? My big brother is a really nice guy and I'm sure he can help you! Him? Do you mean the tall man? Do other people see him too? Mom said that I'm the only one that does.You hear things when there is nothing there? That's like how I see that tall man and that little boy but apparantly they aren't there. I bet no one believes you either well I do! Maybe you can get my brother to help you make them go away?

  5. I'm just teasing, Raz.

    And I'd believe that.

    And thank you.

  6. Yeah it looks like I'll be visiting him for a little bit in a day or so. =3 I'm sure he'll help me as much as he can.

    Yeah, I mean the tall man. I can hear him and I've seen him. He's a VERY bad man.

    My audio hallucinations are not exactly like with us seeing the Tall Man when no one else does. The audio hallucinations happen because there's actually something wrong with my brain, but don't worry, it's just something I've learned to deal with.

    ((audio hallucination= hearing something when nothing is there at all.))

    Raz P.

  7. Maybe I can come by and say Hi while you stay with my brother! Does he talk? I've only seen him from a distance. Well if he is bad I'll stay away from him. Do you go to a special doctor too? Mom said it's supposed to help because my brain is messed up maybe it would help you to! I hope you don't have more of that it doesnt sound like fun.

  8. Oh look, seven dead kings marring the marble floor. - +

  9. @Susan Sure! I'll be there by tomorrow.

    heh I went to special doctor for a while, but I've been on the run for a while now so I haven't been able to talk to one.

    @Anonymous (not Anonymous here...) uh... okaaay? (is going to go google that)

  10. Congrats Raz, you have your own Captain Cryptic. Lucky you!