Thursday, December 9, 2010


sihwluselebor. yinuiwolegvli. yeowHuilbils.


  1. Well damn... I know it's a word scramble... the title obviously says "her" I'm guessing referencing Rachel... you should watch carefully over her for the next few days... I'll try to unscramble this... I'm sure the 4 in the tags has something to do with all of this... I'll try to figure it out...

  2. "she will be ours. you will give in. you will be His."

    Raz, watch her closely. Be VERY careful. This doesn't look good.

    The four was talking about the number of words per sentence. Yeah... not fun unscrambling this bullshit... hope this helps you Raz.

  3. Oh gosh, Raz. Stay safe!

    @Anonymous: You're really good at these codes and such. Do you use google or something?

  4. hahaha yes I do. that and I have a program that unscrambles phrases. So yeah, otherwise this puzzle would've been waaay harder.