Saturday, December 4, 2010

Next town...

Got here with relatively little trouble, for being on foot that is. I've started heading east.

This place isn't as nice as the last hotel I was in... I think I saw a cockroach. Ewww... So... yeah... I'm heading to New York (not city) cause I have a friend up there that I've contacted about this. She's going to let me stay with her for now. I explained what has happened and she believed me. She's a Slender Man 'fan' too. She knew that I wasn't just kidding around about seeing Him, getting attacked by husks and me having powers. I'm really glad.

Thank you Rachel...

I'll be up for a while longer before heading to bed. So yeah, I'll talk to you guys now or in the morning.



  1. It's good of your friend to be reliable at a time like this. It sucks that your hotel isn't as nice. As always, stay safe, and keep your chin up :3

  2. I'll do my best. Yeah, Rachel's awesome. I'm feeling pretty good about tonight, I didn't see anything that looks suspicious.

    Raz P.